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Sunday, August 1, 2021

United Airlines would let passengers pre order food

 United Airlines announced a new option for passengers to preorder food, snacks, and beverages online up to five days before their scheduled flight. Orders can be made either on United’s website or through the airline’s mobile app. United claims that it is the “first and only” carrier to allow economy customers this option.

United Airlines

Previously, only premium customers on certain eligible flights could preorder their food and drinks. Now, United is extending the option to all ticket-holders. To start out, only passengers on flights from Chicago to Honolulu; Orange County, CA; Sacramento, CA; and San Diego will be eligible to preorder food and drinks. But by early fall, United says it will extend the option to passengers of all flights over 1,500 miles.

United has been adding amenities and eliminating nuisance fees as a strategy to help attract customers back inside its planes. Last year, the airline permanently eliminated its change fee policy, quickly followed by its main rivals, Delta and American. United also recently added a Bluetooth option for in-flight entertainment. With customer demand still below pre-pandemic levels, the airline industry as a whole is seeking to make flying look safe, stress-free, and, most of all, cheap.

United is billing the food and drink preorder option as a way to improve service, allowing flight attendants to move through the cabins faster and delivering more personalized service to passengers. Preorders are handled through United’s contactless payment system, which the airline also claims is safer for passengers and flight attendants (although evidence suggests that COVID is rarely transmitted through surface contact).

Customers who choose not to preorder their food and drinks can still do so during the flight. But United is urging customers to load their credit card in the app’s digital wallet in order to facilitate contactless payment while on board.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Square launches new Square Banking for small businesses and startups

Square is launching a new free banking service on Tuesday that connects to the payment and point-of-sale products the company already offers to small businesses. Square Banking combines checking accounts, savings accounts, and Square’s existing small business loans (now called Square Loans) into a package that the company claims is both fair and accessible.

Square Banking

In terms of features, Square’s new savings account can automatically set aside money from every sale made on Square’s platform. Square Savings will also let users create custom folders for saving toward specific goals. Funds in a Square Checking account will be instantly available to use for payroll and other payments using a Square debit card, and Square says its accounts have no account minimums, overdraft fees, or recurring fees

Square says Square Loans are offered based on a small business owner’s previous sales history through its platform rather than their credit score. The company hasn’t made any dramatic changes to its loan service (formerly Square Capital), but users will be able to pay off their loan with a percentage of each sale on Square, and Square says in the future loans will be available immediately in a Square Checking account once approved.

Given the banking features already baked into Square’s consumer-facing Cash app, it makes sense it would go all-out for its original customer base. The quasi-closed loop of taking payments through Square, keeping money in a Square account, and then spending money with a Square debit card also keep things simple for business owners, provided they’re comfortable putting all their eggs in one basket.

You can sign up your small business for a free Square Banking account today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Samsung teases Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip 3 ahead of August unpacked event 2021

 Samsung has officially announced when it will hold its next Unpacked product event: August 11th at 10AM ET / 7AM PT. It is widely expected to announce the next version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 — both of which have already leaked quite a bit. Samsung’s not being shy about those expectations, as a quick look at its invite reveals the outline for both of those devices.

Samsung Event 2021

Samsung is also expected to announce new Galaxy watches, which would be the first to use the new combined Wear platform that was announced at Google I/O earlier this year.

Samsung is holding the event virtually again on its website, and it promises to post more details on the livestream here. It’s also keeping up another Samsung trend: letting customers “reserve” “its next flagship” before it’s even been officially announced. Samsung says it will offer “increased trade-in credit and 12 months of Samsung Care+ at a discounted rate” for early reservations.

According to the images leaked by Evan Blass, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 looks very similar to the current iteration of the folding phone. The largest upgrade will apparently be compatibility with Samsung’s S Pen stylus. Samsung itself has been telegraphing that it would add stylus support to the Fold line for a very long time now.

As for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the biggest update may be on the outside, where Samsung will replace a very tiny screen with a slightly larger but still fairly small screen.

Samsung has done a better job with durability on its folding devices since it switched over to using “Ultra thin glass” under a plastic sheet for these displays. However, the screens are still much more fragile than regular smartphone screens. If Samsung is intending to encourage users to poke at the Z Fold 3’s screen with a plastic stick, that folding screen will need to become more durable.

Though it’s not likely to get top billing, the new Galaxy smartwatches are likely to be a bigger shift than the iterative updates to the folding phones. That’s because it’ll be the first Samsung smartwatch to run Google’s Wear operating system in over half a decade. Samsung had been using its own Tizen-based OS on smartwatches, which had benefits over Google’s Wear OS but did not have an app library worth using. Now that the two operating systems are combined, this upcoming Samsung watch will be our first real look at what the new Wear operating system really works.

We are expecting both a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with a rotating bezel and a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 without to be announced, both in multiple colors.

It’s always possible there will be more on tap — Samsung’s Galaxy Buds lineup could also be due for a new model. We’ll find out for sure when Samsung kicks off its livestream on August 11th.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Google to remake over 900 emojis

 Google is tweaking 992 of its emoji designs to make them more “universal, accessible, and authentic,” the company announced today. The new designs will arrive this fall alongside Android 12, but Google says they’ll also be available on older versions with apps that use its Appcompat compatibility layer. They’re also coming to other Google platforms like Gmail, Chrome OS, Google Chat, and YouTube Live Chat this month.

Google Redesign

None of the changes are particularly drastic. Instead, they’re mostly the kinds of tweaks that make the meaning of each emoji easier to understand at a glance by a wider range of people. The pie emoji, for example, currently looks like a classic American pumpkin pie. That’s fine for Americans, but it means that, in the UK, the design looked closer to a tart than a traditional pie. The new more universal design should fix this.

Google has given its designs a bolder, more exaggerated look, which is helpful considering how small they appear on most screens. The croissant and bacon emoji will now have more of a shine to them, while the scissors have a more exaggerated sharp edge. Vehicles like cars and taxis have also had their proportions adjusted to make them more eye-catching.

If you’re wondering why we’ve seen such a flurry of emoji news over the past couple of days, it’s because this year’s World Emoji Day lands tomorrow, July 17th. Yesterday, we saw the announcement of the finalists for this year’s new batch of emoji, Facebook announced new emoji with sound for its Messenger service, and even Microsoft got in on the action with a new set of 3D emoji across Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and elsewhere.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Intel in talks to buy the $30 billion AMD's company

 In 2008, chipmakers Intel and AMD took two distinct paths: Intel kept manufacturing its own chips to maintain full control, while AMD decided to spin off its semiconductor business as GlobalFoundries, relying on it and other manufacturers to provide the actual silicon. Now, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Intel is looking to snap up AMD’s former fabs as well, in a deal that could value them at $30 billion.


It’s clear from the WSJ story that the deal isn’t a sure thing, and GlobalFoundries outright denied that it was in talks with Intel. But it’s possible Intel’s negotiating with the investment firm that owns GlobalFoundries instead, as the WSJ points out. It’s also intriguing that the Journal doesn’t have a “no comment” from Intel itself — that’s sometimes a canary to indicate a company did comment, just off the record or on deep background.

There’s an obvious reason why Intel might want GlobalFoundries — Intel is actually ramping up its foundry business now. In an attempt to turn around the struggling company, new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced in March that Intel would no longer go it alone, outsourcing more of its chip production to third-party foundries, agreeing to produce more chips for other companies using its own foundries, and also investing in new fabs itself. That included a $20 billion investment in new facilities in Arizona, but it could take many years for new buildings to get constructed and ramp up.

In the meanwhile, it could snap up GlobalFoundries, the #4 foundry in the world (according to TrendForce), one that accounts for 7 percent of all foundry business by revenue. That won’t put Intel on the same footing as a giant TSMC or Samsung (which together account for an estimated 74 percent), but it’d be a start.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 would support the S Pen Pro

 After many teases, it seems as if a Samsung foldable is finally going to get support for an S Pen stylus. FCC filings for the S Pen Pro, a bigger version of the S Pen with Bluetooth connectivity that Samsung announced in January, have been made public, and one document (PDF) reveals that the upcoming stylus will work with the unannounced Galaxy Z Fold 3 (which is presumably the next device in the Z Fold lineup).

Galaxy Fold 3

And it’s not just the Z Fold 3 — the stylus, which doesn’t have a release date but is set to hit this year, will apparently support the S21 Ultra, the Note 20 lineup, and more. You can see the full list of devices that the S Pen Pro will support in this image from the filing:

The S Pen Pro’s support for the Z Fold 3 isn’t a major surprise — the company has been hinting toward some sort of S Pen support for the foldable for some time. During last year’s Unpacked event, Samsung’s president of mobile TM Roh said in a Q&A that the company has been “happy to hear” that people want the S Pen to work with the Fold. In a December blog, he said that the company was looking to bring some of the Galaxy Note’s “most well-loved features” to other devices — which seems likely to be a wink toward stylus support, one of the hallmarks of the Note line. And in January, Roh was even more explicit, saying that the company plans to “expand the S Pen experience across additional device categories in the future.”

A detailed leak has already shown the unannounced phone with a stylus: a render shared by noted leaker Evan Blass depicts what appears to be the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a new “Fold Edition” S Pen propped up next to it. Perhaps the Z Fold 3 will come with the Fold Edition stylus in the box while the S Pen Pro will be sold separately.

FCC documents becoming public can indicate that a product may be announced soon after they are published. In this case, an official announcement for the S Pen sometime soon would make sense, as Samsung has held summer Unpacked events in early August for the past few years. Blass has also already stated that this year’s event is scheduled for August 11th, alongside revealing a bunch of other devices that are expected to be revealed at the show, including the Z Fold 3, the Z Flip 3, two new Galaxy Watches, and new Galaxy Buds

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The new OnePlus 9 on sale at $649.

The OnePlus’ latest flagship phones are marked down at several retailers, as spotted by Android Police, bringing the normally $729 OnePlus 9 down to $649 and the OnePlus 9 Pro (usually $1069) to $969. We think that the more basic 9 is already the better buy than the 9 Pro for most people, and the extra $80 off the retail price makes it an even sweeter deal.


The OnePlus 9 gives up surprisingly few features compared to its more expensive sibling — you still get a Snapdragon 888 processor, display with 120Hz refresh rate, and an excellent 50-megapixel ultrawide camera. You’ll have to make do with an unstabilized main camera, plastic rather than aluminum frame, and slower wireless charging. Considering that you save more than $300 off the price of the premium model, these downgrades feel like things most of us could live with.

A word of caution if you’re ready to add the OnePlus 9 to your virtual cart: while it’s fully compatible with Verizon and T-Mobile 4G and 5G networks, it’s 4G only on AT&T. That’s not a big deal now (actually, you’re probably better off sticking with its 4G at the moment). However, AT&T’s 5G network should improve over the next couple of years as the company starts employing its new C-band frequencies, which the 9 and 9 Pro support.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Steam survey shows Nvidia RTX 3070 is gradually coming in the hands of gamers

Now that the street price of an Nvidia RTX 3070 is over $1,200, it’s temping to think scalpers, bots and cryptocurrency miners got them all — but the latest Steam Hardware Survey suggests at least some of them are making their way into gaming PCs, too. As TechSpot reports, the 3070 in particular appears to have become Steam’s fastest growing GPU, and the 17th-most popular graphics accelerator on Steam with a 1.29 percent share overall.

Nvidia RTX 3070

The RTX 3080 also commands 0.87 percent, the RTX 3060 Ti has 0.39 percent, and the pricey RTX 3090 claims 0.34 percent of the market — for a total of 2.89 percent Ampere cards.

That not bad, especially considering AMD’s rival RX 6000 series doesn’t have a single spot on the entire 95-GPU leaderboard. Apparently, more gamers are using the 2011 Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti (0.16 percent) than any of AMD’s latest cards.

More than a quarter of Steam PC gamers are now using AMD CPUs instead of Intel, though, so that’s probably some consolation.

If secondhand sales numbers are anything to go by, I would expect the newer RTX 3060 to contribute to Nvidia’s tally next month.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sony to announce their new Xperia smartphone on April 14th

Sony has, in a very low-key way, just announced that its upcoming Xperia event will be on April 14th (via Droid Life). The news comes from the Xperia YouTube channel’s banner, where it lays out that there will be a new product announcement happening at 4:30PM Japan Standard Time — that’s 3:30AM EST, or 12:30AM PT (if you feel like burning the midnight oil to watch live).

Sony Xperia

The banner gives no real hints as to what will be announced, but there have been a few rumors floating around — one about a new flagship, the Xperia 1 III, and one about the return of the Xperia Compact, which could end up being an Android answer to the iPhone Mini.

It’s worth noting that there are other rumors that mention new versions of the Xperia 5 and 10, leaving out the Compact entirely. But pretty much every rumor indicates that we’ll see a new entry in the flagship Xperia 1 line. Leaks indicate that the 1 III will have a periscope zoom lens, and Techradar recently published what could be the full specs. It’s mostly what’s expected from a flagship Android phone: Snapdragon 888, 12GB of memory, 5G, and a 4K 120Hz screen.

It’s probably a safe bet that if there’s only one phone being announced (which is hinted at by the singular “product” in the image from Sony), the Xperia 1 III would be it — the 1 line seems to be on a yearly cycle. The Compact is much more of a wildcard — the last time Sony released a “Compact” branded phone was in 2018, though it does use the word to market the Xperia 5 II, with its 6.1-inch screen, which is around the same size as an iPhone 12 Pro or Galaxy S21. The rumors for a 2021 version of the Compact say that it’ll have a 5.5-inch display, which is only a tiny bit bigger than the screen on an iPhone Mini.

Both potential phones are rumored to come with headphone jacks. As for what we’ll actually see on the day, only time will tell — but thankfully there’s not much of it left.

Tesla delivered more cars than It's production in 2021's Q1

Tesla delivered nearly 185,000 cars in the first quarter of 2021, more than it produced over the three-month period, according to numbers the company shared on Friday. Tesla has been ramping up production capacity and just nearly missed CEO Elon Musk’s goal of delivering 500,000 cars in 2020.


Of the cars Tesla delivered in Q1 2021, nearly 183,000 were Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, more than the 180,000 of those models produced in Q1. On top of the Model 3 and Model Y deliveries, the company also sold an additional 2,020 Model S cars that had been produced in previous quarters.

Tesla announced redesigns for the Model S and Model X in January 2021, which added new powertrains, higher range options, and the landscape in-car display from the more popular Model 3. Tesla says the redesigns were “exceptionally well-received” and that it’s in the early stage of ramping up production on both new models.

The company didn’t break out specific delivery numbers for cars in China, but Tesla says it continues to be happy with the reception of its newer Model Y in the country. China has been a focus for Tesla since it opened its Gigafactory there in 2019, which the company seems to see as critical for meeting demand for its cars. When Tesla shared its Q4 2020 financial figures, it announced that its factory in Shanghai could allow it to produce as many as 1.05 million cars in a year.

Tesla and Musk haven’t yet announced any ambitious delivery goals for 2021, but in comparison to 88,400 cars it delivered in Q1 2020, Tesla seems like it’s starting on the right foot to beat last year’s 500,000-car goal.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Samsung cuts the price on their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

 In order to become more competitive, Samsung has lowered the price of its foldable flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2.With this, the company aims to popularize the foldable smartphone category.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

The ex-factory price for the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, which was launched last September, has been set at $1,675 in South Korea, down from $2,125, according to people in the mobile industry.

The ex-factory price, or list price, refers to the selling cost of goods from the manufacturer's plant before distributors sell products to their customers. Last month, Samsung lowered the list price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, a clamshell-type foldable smartphone, to $1,196 from $1,463.

Industry insiders said the latest price cuts from Samsung are part of its efforts to enhance accessibility to its foldable smartphone products, so that more people can experience and buy its Galaxy Z devices, reports Yonhap news agency.

Samsung, the world's largest smartphone producer, is expected to release new foldable smartphone models with lower price tags and diversify its lineup to popularize to boost sales.

Industry observers speculate that Samsung could add a budget model of the Galaxy Z series, with some expecting the South Korean tech giant to introduce a double-folding smartphone to its portfolio.

Samsung was the dominant player in the global foldable smartphone market last year, accounting for an 87 per cent share on a unit basis, according to market tracker Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC).

Samsung is buying a Hulu series, A sponsored series for the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G

 Samsung wants you to know its new phone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, is good at capturing photos. Maybe you could outwardly tell from its five image sensors, including four on the back, that the company takes mobile photography seriously. But if not, you now have an entire Hulu series to watch in which the S21 Ultra 5G is the main character.

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G

The company announced today it’s created a branded Hulu show called Exposure where up-and-coming photographers compete in challenges to be crowned “America’s best mobile photographer.” The show will debut on April 26th, and it entirely centers on the S21 Ultra 5G; it’s the only device contestants will use to capture their images. This is Samsung’s best attempt at showing off its phone in less of a commercial format — although, in reality, this show is an extended commercial.

Branded content is nothing new for TV. But typically, these partnerships are more covert. Maybe the device someone uses is a specific phone that they mention aloud, or the hosts of a show drive a specific car that lingers on the screen for a second longer than expected. Exposure is, instead, a full-out admittance from Samsung that it is so invested in making sure people know about its camera technology that it’s willing to spend money on an entire series.

These Exposure contestants will likely capture quality images. You just have to be okay with the fact that you’re watching content that Samsung approves and wants you to see.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Mi teases the upcoming Mi Mix Fold with a poster

 Xiaomi has resurrected its Mi Mix series with the Mi Mix Fold, the company’s first commercial folding phone. Unlike previous outlandish Mix devices and concepts from the company, the Mi Mix Fold is a pretty conventional folding phone that uses a big-screen-on-the-inside / small-screen-on-the-outside design similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series and Huawei’s new Mate X2.

Mi Mix Fold

The inner screen is an 8.01-inch 4:3 OLED panel with 2480 x 1860 resolution, a standard display brightness of 600 nits (900 peak), and support for Dolby Vision HDR. Xiaomi says the display is able to withstand being folded 200,000 times. The outer screen is 6.52-inches with a 90Hz refresh rate. Xiaomi is making big claims about the Mi Mix Fold’s audio capabilities, with four Harman Kardon-tuned speakers and what the company describes as 3D panoramic sound.

The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 paired with 12GB or 16GB of RAM and 256GB or 512GB of storage. Battery capacity is 5,020mAh, and Xiaomi says the 67W fast-charging system should get you a full charge in 37 minutes.

As previously teased last week, the new Mix is also the first phone to use liquid lens technology in its camera. Xiaomi says that it allows for a telephoto lens with a close focusing distance of 3cm and optical zoom of 3x, or 30x hybrid zoom. The rest of the camera system is comprised of a Samsung HMX 108-megapixel main sensor and a 13-megapixel ultrawide, which sounds like the same solid setup that’s on the Mi 11.

Xiaomi first showed off a folding phone prototype more than two years ago, before Samsung shipped its first Galaxy Fold. That device had a double-folding design where a tablet-sized screen could be bent back on the left and right edges for a more phone-like experience.

Later that year, Xiaomi announced the Mi Mix Alpha, which had a wraparound screen that covered almost the whole phone, but it never made it to market. More recently Xiaomi unveiled its latest concept phone, featuring a “quad-curved waterfall display” that curved on all four sides.

The Mi Mix Fold, on the other hand, is very much going on sale — people in China are able to preorder it as of today, and it’ll ship on April 16th. Prices start at 9,999 yuan (around $1,521) for a model with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, going all the way up to 12,999 yuan (around $1,978) for a 16GB / 512GB ceramic special edition. There’s no word yet on a release outside of China.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Get the new Samsung S21+ 5G at the lowest price on the Samsung Spring Sale 2021

 It’s the final day of Samsung’s week-long Discover Spring Event, but there is still one juicy sale to be had. Each day has featured a new deal, like earlier in the week when we saw huge bargains on the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Watch 3 and more. And today, Samsung is issuing an extra $250 off the price of a new Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G. Normally starting at $1,000, you’ll get the discount in the form of instant rebates at checkout. You can save even more by trading in a device toward it. It’s possible to get your total as low as $150 if you do.

Samsung S21+

That’s not all. In addition to the dust sucker, Samsung is offering 10% off all purchases in three categories: home appliances (which includes refrigerators, washers and dryers, vacuums, microwaves and air purifiers, to name a few), mobile devices (phones—including other Samsung phone deals, earbuds, smartwatches) and computer monitors.

Speaking of appliances, Samsung is throwing in free installation on select home appliances and entertainment products during the sale, as well as free haul-away and disposal on all home appliances.

There’s one other reason to check out the sale, and it helps if you’re feeling lucky—every purchase awards an entry in Samsung’s contest that includes prizes up to $5,000. To enter, make a purchase at Samsung anytime between March 22 and March 28, and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing, which commences April 8. First place is $5,000, but there will also be three second place winners earning $3,000 each and a half-dozen $1,000 third-place winners.

Looking to upgrade to Samsung's newest flagship phone? The Galaxy S21 family arrived back in January and thanks to Samsung's Spring Sale event, the middle child is already pretty deeply discounted. Today only, the Samsung Galaxy S21+ is marked down by $200 and comes with a $50 instant credit—a total savings of $250.

The Galaxy S21 Plus adds some extra real estate to the screen. It features a 6.7-inch AMOLED display versus the S21's stock 6.2-inch screen. You get Full HD+ resolution (that's 2400x1080 pixels) at 1,500 nits of peak brightness and refresh rates up to 120Hz. All that adds up to a sharp display with smooth video that also conserves battery life. Want more resolution? There's always the S21 Ultra. 

There are a lot of improvements under the hood, notably the inclusion of 5G wireless, which includes the fastest “millimeter wave” version of the service for when that finally lands in your neighborhood. The S21+ camera is the same as the one you'll find in last year's S20, though. Again, you'll need to step up to the S21 Ultra if you want to be on the bleeding edge with the new 108-megapixel camera. Even so, the cameras you do get are nothing to scoff at: dual 12MP sensors for wide-angle shots and a 64MP telephoto that takes photos at up to 30X zoom.

Don't forget, though: This is the last day of Samsung's sale and is your only chance to get the S21 Plus for $250 off–at least, until the next time it lands on sale, whenever that may be.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Where to buy the all new Samsung S21 & Z Flip

 Unlike some other recent product launches—like the chronically sold out PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X—you can actually buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 today. Let’s get you a quick refresher before going over the best carriers and retail stores to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21, including loads of lucrative deals for trade-ins, in-store credit for switching wireless providers and freebies.

Samsung S21 & S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 family is comprised of three models: the base Galaxy S21 along with the Galaxy S21+ and top-of-the-line Galaxy S21 Ultra. They all feature fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processors and 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED displays, though your pocket will notice the difference between the models. The S21 has a 6.2-inch display, while the Plus steps up to 6.7 inches and the Ultra has a pocket-popping 6.8 inch screen. There are other significant differences among the models, like camera configuration and the presence of ultrawideband (UWB) wireless tech in the more premium phones.

Thinking about upgrading? Because the Galaxy S21 is the hot phone of the season, virtually every carrier and retailer is offering it for sale. But all offers aren’t the same, so we rounded up the best deals you can get right now and you will find them below.

Samsung Z Flip

One note about these deals: There are a lot of variables when choosing a phone, including memory, cellular carrier, and whether you’re trading in your existing phone. Remember that trade-in values are generally described as “up to” because the discount depends on the specific model you are trading in and its aesthetic and functional condition. And to keep this simple, all the prices below assume the base memory for each model (128GB) and monthly payments assume a 24-month payment period. Keep in mind that the final price may differ if you opt for more memory or a different payment schedule.

If you buy directly from Samsung, you can get up to $700 in trade-ins and a $100 credit to spend on accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S21 & S21+ 5G | Samsung US

  • Galaxy S21: $800, or as low as $100 with trade-in.
  • Galaxy S21 Plus: $1000, or as low as $300 with trade-in.
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: $1200, or as low as $500 with trade-in.

You can save the most money at Verizon if you’re switching from another carrier—you’ll get a $250 Verizon credit and Verizon Stream TV when you switch. That’s on top of the option to trade in an existing phone and get an unlimited plan to save up to $750. In addition to that $1000, Verizon is also offering up to $200 for those applying for its branded credit card. Verizon has its usual array of other deals in play as well. In particular, the buy-one-get-one-free offer can grant you up to $1000 off a second phone.

  • Galaxy S21: $800 or $33.33 per month. As low as free with trade-in and unlimited plan.
  • Galaxy S21 Plus: $1000 or $41.66 per month (you can also pay $33.33 for 30 months). As low as $200 with trade-in and unlimited plan.
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: $1200 or $50 per month (you can also pay $40 for 30 months). As low as $400 with trade-in and unlimited plan.
You can also shop for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip here: Samsung Galaxy Z - Phones | Samsung US

United Airlines would let passengers pre order food

  United Airlines announced a new option for passengers to preorder food, snacks, and beverages online up to five days before their schedule...

Click here to revoke your choice.