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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Facts are back!

You are at a friend’s house. You don’t feel hungry. Yet he tells you to have dinner and go. You have it as a formality.
You are at a friend’s house. You feel very hungry and it will take you an hour to get back home. He tells you to have dinner and go. You thank him profusely.
You are at a friend’s house. You are broke. You haven’t eaten anything for two days. He tells you to have dinner and go. He looks like god to you. You feel like falling at his feet.

You pay the bill, load the items into your cart and walk out of the supermarket. It starts raining and your car is far away. You don’t have an umbrella.
‘Fucking rain,’ you mutter.
You are at your home. Early morning, you make hot tea and sit beside the window. Suddenly it starts raining.
‘Wow, beautiful weather,’ you chirp happily.

You get down from your car, walk into the office lobby, take elevator to 7th floor and go to your office. This has been your routine for the past three years. You find it very normal.
One day, the food court in the office building is closed for maintenance. You take a long 15 min walk to the restaurant outside the building in the hot weather and come back feeling tired. As you reach the lobby, the door swings outwards and you feel that fresh cold breeze from the air-conditioned hall. It feels like heaven. The feeling melts you.

In both the cases, the environment around you is precisely the same. It never changes.
Yet it triggers different emotions in you as your situation changes.
The world around us is a reflection of our mindset and moods. It doesn’t have any actual value. Rather, we assign it a value based on our perception.
There is no reality, but only your perception of reality. And that perception keeps changing as you change your position and see it with a different mood.

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