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Friday, November 2, 2018

India's statue of unity--My view on the questions

My views are farmost clear on Statue of Unity. I just want to counter some very popular arguments which opposes the Statue of Unity and this will make my views more clear.

Argument 1:- It is waste of money.
Well, it is not waste, it’s investment. When you invest some money in good assets then it will give you the money back.
People will come to see the tallest statue in the world (182m)[1] and the place will be developed as tourism spot. European countries, America and China developed the statues and they are now tourist place.

Argument 2:- But they are ‘developed’ countries.
They were not developed countries at the time where monuments and statues built up. You can’t ignore the importance of infrastructure and tourism[2] in developed countries.
To become developed from developing, we need to show the improved tourism and good infrastructure. Infrastructure is also important determinant to improve tourism sector.[3]
If you want to remain developing as always then you can avoid the importance of infrastructure.
India is world’s 7th largest economy now. If not now then when?[4]

Argument 3:- It is too much money which government of India spent.
It was not spent by Government of India, it was spent by Gujarat tourism which falls under government of Gujarat.
Total expenditure for 2018-19 is estimated to be Rs 1,81,945 crore for Gujarat region.[5] [6] The total cost of making and maintenance for 15 years for statue of Unity is 2989 crores which is only 1.64% of the total expenditure of one year.

Argument 4:- Why BJP is woking on this but not working on providing Jobs to the youth?
The architects, engineers and labours were not recruited from the Mars and Moon to make the Statue of Unity. They were Indians.
This is also a way how employment can be provided to the youth, it’s not always that government should provide government job to all.

Argument 5:- But it is ‘Made in China’ and private companies are being benefited from this.
The contract was given to the Larsen and Toubro and it is Indian company[7]. Only part of ‘Bronze cladding’ was of the being made by Chinese company TQ Art Foundry. [8][9] It is being subcontracted to Chinese company not contracted.
If any company is benefited because they did work then why we should have problems? This attitude made us less ‘developed’ in terms of industry and technology.

Argument 6:- It should be spent on Education or some important sector.
If I give Rs. 1 lakh to middle class person and rich person then middle class will buy liability while rich person will buy assets. Thus, cash flow will be continued for rich person.
Similarly, government invested some money and it will be returned by adding some amount. Government will have high revenue and thus ultimate burden on income tax will be decreased. Money can be better utilised.
Already, there are several schemes in different sectors like Ayushyaman Bharat, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Ujjawala Yojana. So, you can’t say government is making statues by ignoring other sectors.

Argument 7:- What is ultimate benefit from making such large statue?
Statue of Liberty (93 m) is nowhere in the race of the Statue of Unity (182 m). Still it attracted 4.5 million tourists.
In 2016, 4.5 million park visitors spent an estimated $263.2 million in local gateway regions while visiting Statue Of Liberty National Monument. These expenditures supported a total of 3.4 thousand jobs, $155.4 million in labor income, $240.7 million in value added, and $364 million in economic output in local gateway economies surrounding Statue Of Liberty National Monument.
Official data provided by National Park Service.[10] Think of 182 metre tall statue.
Our cities are not like New York. You can’t make statue of unity in Delhi, middle of Mumbai. This will create more chaos like traffic problems, daily disturbance in urban life etc.
Location is chosen from 3 km from city Rajpipla. New structures like flower valley, Hotels are already developed there.
(Pic:- India.com)


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