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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Japan be like! WOW

You know, the little things make Japan different.
Here are 12 examples of such differences;
1. Blind drinking culture
Blind people now can know what’s inside drinking cans by reading the braille written on top of the can.
2. Saving natural resources
A common type of toilet in Japan is where you can wash your hands with the newly added flushing water, and reuse it for the next flush.
3. Street art
Manhole covers in Japan are beautiful.
4. Consideration for others
If you lose your shopping bag on the streets, it’s probable that someone will place it somewhere untouched and easy to find. And no one will take it.
5. Location of fish
Fish (Koi) are sometimes living in drainage channels in Japan.
6. Toilet courtesy
With modern toilets, you can mask pee and poop sounds with water sounds.
7. Umbrella policy
Umbrella lockers, so you can leave it at the entrance of the building, and no one takes yours accidentally (no one would steal one anyway).
8. Neatness
It’s common for Japanese people to have orderly manners.
9. Emergency procedures
Elevator seats that can be used as a toilet in an emergency.
10. Restaurant menus
Fake, plastic menu items in front of restaurants that looks just like real food.
11. Bathroom etiquette
Separate slippers for using the bathroom.
12. Egg retail
Eggs sold in vending machines is common in the countryside.
And that’s the list of things that makes Japan a little different.

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