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Sunday, November 11, 2018

"Pulse of the nation"---A great startup idea by Rajiv Kumar

Pulse Candy -
1 Rupee candy crossed 100 crores sale in just 8 months and 300 crores sale in just 2 years.
It was started with a simple idea, A candy laced with black salt in the centre.
It was a simple, one-line brief:
If the product is tangy then your eyes should close automatically to relish it or else it is no fun.
That was the lone instruction from Rajiv Kumar, vice chairman of the DS Group for his R&D team working on the Pulse candy.
DSG spent no amount on advertising and promotions, and the candy gained popularity through word of mouth (probably because it’s a great product).
Many people referred the candy to their friends and relatives. People even went to the extent of making ‘Pulse – Fan Communities’ on FB. Some even called it ‘The Pulse of the Nation’.
This candy has surpassed all competition and beaten all the records by crossing the 100 crore mark in just 8 months! This figure equals the record for heavily advertised Coke Zero, Coca Cola’s diet drink!
The Re 1 candy clocked Rs 300 crore sales in 2 years, beating MNC blue chip munchie brands such as Oreo (Rs 283 crore in sales, launched in 2011) and Mars bars (Rs 270 crore in sales, launched in 2011).

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