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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Things wealthy people do!

Warren Buffet——net worth: 86 billion.
  • The house he lives in:
    • Bought in 1958—— he has been living in it for 60 years.
    • Bought for a mere 31,500$——about 250,000$ nowadays
    • 0.001% of his wealth—— same thing as a millionaire living in a 10$ “house”
  • Breakfast:
    • When the market is going well: a $3.17 sandwich, with a bacon, an egg and cheese biscuits.
    • When the market’s down: a $2.95 sandwich, with a sausage and an egg.
    • On a really bad day: $2.61 of two sausage patties.
  • Car:
    • Reduced price only.
    • A Cadillac XTS. (45000$)
  • Phone: A Nokia flip phone.
  • He has used the same black wallet for over 20 years.
  • He uses coupons to pay for fast-food lunches.
  • He has worked in the same office building for over 50 years.
Warren Buffett refuses to improve his obsolete lifestyle despite possessing an unfathomable amount of wealth.
People earn money to get a better life. Warren Buffett is just too frugal.

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