Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Why is it illegal to climb pyramids?

It’s because climbing them can kill you. Actually, climbing UP isn’t the problem, climbing DOWN is.

On the descent, however, you basically have to jump down, rock by rock. Jump, jump, jump, hundreds of times. Remember, the pyramids were originally covered in polished limestone, they weren’t designed as stairs. What’s left are the ragged remains after pillagers later stripped off the limestone coating to construct local buildings. The stones are uneven, ranging from a few feet to 6+ feet tall (see the photos). Your landing spots are smooth, slippery, covered in sand or loose rocks, often angled downward, and can be quite narrow or cracked. There are few trustworthy handholds. With the ignorant fearlessness of youth, we thought it was exciting, not life-threatening.

Think of it as climbing the outside of a 45-story building without any safety equipment. The Egyptian government made it illegal to scale the pyramids. You truly can’t understand exactly HOW perilous it is until you’re high up and already in serious jeopardy. The view down is DIZZY and not safe to get down unless you have your safety equipments.
The view from the climb, approaching the top:
The view up, from the base:
Image courtesy- Ross Fishman

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