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Thursday, January 17, 2019

A great business model.

In Gurgaon, a restaurant has opened recently that charges you for your time, not for food!
It’s called The People & Co. and it charges INR 15 per minute (22 cents per minute) you spend in their premises. They have a buffet comprising Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisine and your time starts the moment you pick up the plate. Once you are done, you are supposed to raise your hand to stop the timer and a check will arrive with a charge for the number of minutes you spent eating.
Their unusual idea has created quite a buzz in the local newspapers and blogs and has gotten them some good press as well. I haven’t tried the place yet but the food reviews are pretty great so far.


Mostly people go to restaurant to spend some quality time with family. Average time we spend in restaurant in 30 min. If we calculate 15*30= 450 and consider someone accompany you, it will be ₹900. In ₹900 atleast in my city I can eat best of the best dishes.

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