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Friday, January 18, 2019


Hard work and dedication can beat anything/anyone.
Let me narrate you an incident.
Most of you have heard the name of Bugatti Cars.
The car above, has wonderful specs and is also one of the most expensive cars one can buy.
It has the biggest engine any production car has - 16 cylinder , 8000cc engine - and produces 1500bhp , much more than any production car can produce.
Bugatti comes under Volkswagen group which owns 9 more automobile companies which includes Audi, Lamborghini, Ducati and some more.
To produce these cars, Bugatti has good facilities at R&D center investing millions of dollars just for R&D. Moreover, they have engineers from Audi and Lamborghini to develop these cars, so it is, almost impossible to produce a car that can beat Bugatti.
In 2017, they made new record for fastest 0–400–0 kmphr in 41.96 seconds.
But here comes the twist.
After 3 weeks of this new record, Christian von Koenigsegg came with his Agera RS!!!
Broke Chiron's record like a Boss
It was faster just by 5 seconds than the previous record held by Chiron, so many people will say what is the big deal in breaking this record??
His company Koenigsegg, doesn't have facilities like Bugatti. He can't spend millions of dollars just on R&D and he cannot afford to have engineers from Audi or Lamborghini. He started his company from his own money - you can see in the picture that he is sitting near his car with just one mechanic.
He was able to beat world's most expensive car with his hard work and dedication, for him there was no excuse that Bugatti has everything better than us. All he focused upon is how he can make something better than anyone else.
Many times people don't wish to grow or are not able to compete because they think that someone out there is already better than them. So thinking like loser is just a mindset, not a reality .
Hard work can achieve your dream. Your only limit is your own thinking .

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