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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Life advice #1

The tables have turned…
Its not the ‘A+’ students that brag about their grades anymore, but the ‘C grade’ students brag and that is because of videos like these…
The fact is that your grades do not predict your success in life but more and more videos of this kind are popping up on YouTube. These type of videos do not motivate the weak students to get better. They demotivate the good students.
This is the conversation that took place in my class:
C student: Dude how much did you get in your test??
A+ student: got an A. what about you??
C student: man, I feel like my case is like Steve Jobs, I may be bad at studies but I’ll end up becoming a millionaire. I bet all of you guys will eventually end up looking for a job where as I will have my own business.
What!!!! He thinks that just because he is bad at studying he will be the most successful!!!???
THAT is something teenagers should never do!

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