Sunday, February 17, 2019

Some mindblowing facts about psychology!

This is more behavioral/consumer focused but is simply mind blowing!
The chart above shows the percentage of people in each country who consent to donate their organs.
What is interesting is that many of the countries in yellow on the left (Denmark, UK, etc.) are similar to many of the country in blue on the right (Belgium, Sweden, France, etc..)
In terms of economics, development, etc. So why the staggering difference in consent to donate organs?

Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany (Opt-In Form)
 "Please check the box if you want to donate your organs."
Nobody checks the box. Nobody donates.
Belgium, Sweden, France (Opt-Out Form)
 "Please check the box if you do not want to donate your organs."
Again, nobody checks the box...but (because of the form) everybody donates.

Making a decision is difficult so often times people stick to the default option. Thus, the manner in which the decision in framed has huge implications for the resulting behavior.

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