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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What if humans DISAPPEARED?

Trust me, if human beings suddenly disappeared from Earth, the planet would become a better place for the rest of the species. Initially there will be catastrophic events because of lack of human control but then in a couple of years, things will improve. Here is a study to predict how the world would become if human beings cease to exist.
  • Day 2. Underground subway systems would get flooded.
  • Day 7. The cooling water in the nuclear reactors would run out. This will cause frequent explosions around the world.
  • 1 year later. Birds which were endangered due to the rapid rise in electromagnetic signals and radio signals will start populating again. Within a year, the increased bird population is estimated to be around 1 billion.
  • 3 years later. Buildings would start to crumble. The joints between the roof and walls would start to separate. Also, cockroaches would go extinct due to lack of heated shelters.
  • 20 years later. The steel frames that support the roads will start to corrode and buckle. Common vegetable gardens will become wild jungles.
  • 100 years later. Since there is no longer poaching on, animals will start flourishing. Animals like rhino and elephants are expected to rise twenty folds.
  • 300 years later. Metallic structures would start to fall. Bridges will fall down, dams will overflow or get toppled down. Cities near the deltas would get washed away.
  • 500 years later. Places belonging to temperate climate zone will turn into a forest.
  • 1,000 years later. Any stone structures that were still standing will eventually succumb to the rising sea levels due to melting of glaciers.
  • 35,000 years later. Lead deposited into the soil will get cleaned away.
  • 75,000 years later. Cadmium deposited into the soil will get cleaned away.
  • 100,000 years later. Carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere would revert to its normal level.
  • 250,000 years later. Plutonium bombs kept in stock will corrode away and their radiations will be lost in the background.

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