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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Why we shouldn't complain

Elon musk wanted to make a new payment gateway for online transaction.
He created PayPal.
He wanted to fly cheaper in space
so he introduced SpaceX.
He wanted to drive an electric car.
so he invested in Tesla Motors.
He wanted better transport.
so he created Hyperloop.
But Elon never complained about the world. He changed the world . The best solution to your problem is you, you are the only person who knows what the problem is and to your surprise you know what is the solution.
Accept that you have a problem. You can hide it from others because 50% of people will be happy that you have a problem, 49% of people don’t care about yours they got lot to do, and the remaining 1% is where your family and trust worthies fall.
A boy studying in school knows how to get first rank ,simple if he studies or work little bit extra he can do it but knowing the solution also he doesn’t do that but simply complain if he fails in exams. Ordinary people complain extraordinary people change it, so be the change at least in your life.
You would have heard about this statement many times “The best way to solve the problem is to accept”.

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