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Monday, March 11, 2019

Can money buy you happiness?

I Saw a video in which a person was bare feet and his feet was burning due to hot road so he took two plastic bottle and created a DIY like this
And a school boy saw him he had some money in his hand which he collected in the whole week he didn't say anything and walked away.
Same evening that boy was searching for the beggar with a box of new pair of shoes in his hands he didn't find the beggar and was saddened about the fact.
He sat down on a bench just beside the road their he found that the beggar coming from his right side. The boy’s face lit up and he rushed to the beggar and gave him his gift.
The beggar didn't understand what was it but when he opened the box saw shoes in it with that little boy smile his heart melted that feeling and this situation tells us that sometimes money can buy happiness.
One More thing which we learnt is we can help Someone if we are able to and then we can be Reason for someone's life and that feeling Can't be expressed in words.
It will give you the peace which nothing else can

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