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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ashamed. Sad. Angry

He is Wing Commander Abhinandan, The IAF pilot who was captured by Pakistan when he was chasing down F-16
When he landed past LOC, The first question he asked from the youngsters there ‘whether it was India or Pakistan’, then he shouted some slogans (perhaps Hindustan zindabad) and asked which place exactly it was in India.
The youngsters repeated his slogans to keep him confused. But soon he realized it was Pakistan & started running backwards with those youngsters chasing him. He dived into a pond nearby & swallowed some documents & maps & destroyed some into the water. He obviously did all this to prevent from any confidential information getting in the hands of Pakistan.
Clearly at that moment also he first thought about country
When he was captured & was beaten badly still he solemnly yet politely refused to divulge any information regarding his squadron or his family
Meanwhile Indian media did all the work for Pakistan & provided all the details of his whereabouts, His family & even his colleagues which I would not like to mention here.
They gave all the details which the brave soldier risked his life for
While the whole country & even Pakistani media are applauding Wing Commander Abhinandan’s resolute & patriotism they must surely be laughing at the media
Salute Mr. Abhinandan for his courage & to the media I would say, “I knew you would do anything to get more viewership but risking a life of our soldier, that I had never expected, 

Yes I’m ashamed of you Indian Media. Grow up.

Guys, My friend Dhananjay has a new blog and let's show some love to his blog. Link is below-

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