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Sunday, March 3, 2019

What scares me the most- Ojas Patwardhan \\ LIFE ADVICE

Those boxes scare me.
Today I came across a TED talk, titled ‘Inside the mind of a procrastinator,’ by a guy called Tim Urban.
He used an entertaining story about a monkey to describe procrastination.
But that’s not what caught my interest.
It was the last slide in his presentation:
The above image is your life in weeks.
Every single week that you will be alive, if you live to the age of 90.
It reminds me of all the times I have counted down days on a calendar.
Crossing each one off with a large red ‘X’. One step closer to the big day.
That scares me.
But what scares me even more, is contemplating how many of these boxes we waste.
Time we spend dreaming about doing something meaningful in our life, but never taking action.
  1. The big dream to go traveling, but never booking a ticket.
  2. The dream to start a business, but never building up the courage to start.
  3. The dream to have a great body, but never being motivated to go workout.
  4. The dream to succeed in college, but not having the willpower to study.
  5. The dream to be wealthy, but not having the discipline to build it.
  6. The dream to get married, but never being brave enough to commit.
  7. The dream to have a loving family, but never taking time off work.
  8. The dream to help other people, but never letting go of your self-interest.
  9. The dream to become a leader, but never having the self-belief to try.
Everything can always be done tomorrow, until it can’t.
Life feels like we have no deadline, but in truth, it’s the biggest of them all.
Start working towards your dreams, because those boxes are running out.

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