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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Does the bro code etiquette exist in India

Yes. A big yes! This big
The rule: Always have your bro’s back

Scene- Classroom
I sit with my friend/BRO and he usually takes a nap in psychology lecture. As usual, This day, He was sleeping and teacher was dictating notes.
So, Unfortunately, Teacher saw him sleeping and shouted “Hey rahul..Didn’t you sleep yesterday?”
He woke up startled because he was caught for the first time. He says,”Ma’am, I wasn’t sleeping”
Teacher said,”So, Tell me the survey method of psychology that I dictated”
Here, He was totally done. He didn’t write any damn letter in his notebook and was looking at me.
Me, “Ma’am his throat is paining so he cannot speak..Can I read out what he has written?”
Ma’am- Yes you can
I dictated the whole answer and I was holding his notebook in my hand in which there were X and O everywhere.

Finally, The lecture was over and I got a treat of a donut

So, Always have your bro’s back

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