Friday, April 19, 2019

What has Australia ever done for the USA

When Donald Trump became president he did the usual calls with world leaders, when the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rang to welcome him to the presidency then Trump was somewhat rude.
Within hours US senators were scrambling to apologise to Australia, they were falling over themselves to make amends, often waiting hours on the phone to get through… why would they do this???
Well here is one reason:
Australia houses some of the US’s most advanced intelligence gathering system in the world. They also harbour US navy operations:
And Australia have operated with the US in [every war] they have been asked to operate in in the past century:
Australia also has diplomatic ties with China, Turkey, Middle East, Indonesia, India, and a dozen other countries of significant power, all of which means Australia could easily turn to others for what they want… or allow the US to have a friend to talk on their behalf.
Then consider that Australia gets very little in return. They have even asked for free trade alliances and been turned down every time…yet continue to be good allies.
Basically the US get heaps of stuff for free.
You have to be a grade-A moron to throw away an alliance like that.

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