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Monday, April 22, 2019

What if the world lost it's oxygen for 5 seconds

5 seconds?
On an average, Human Beings can hold their breath for 30 seconds. So, 5 seconds without Oxygen isn’t a big deal, right?
Nitrogen: Lol it’s been billions of years and you are stuck at 21%. Look at me babe, I am at 78%.
Oxygen: Teri maa ka carbon dioxide (Hindi slang), my importance to this world and existence is priceless. They can’t afford losing me for even 5 seconds.
Nitrogen: *yawns in response*
For the sake of it, lets just assume that after having an argument with Mr. Nitrogen, Mrs. Oxygen decided to leave this world for just 5 seconds.
What would happen?
You are reading this answer of mine on a comfortable sofa, or bed, or study table, or bathroom, or road. No matter where you are on this planet, if oxygen vanished for even 5 seconds, Death is certain. That too, a painful one.
If you are in your house or building, without oxygen, these structures would collapse. They won’t even shake a bit in order to give you hint that some shit is going on. Simply crumble into dust.
(Source: Google Images)
That’s because every concrete structure needs Oxygen to stay rigid. Without Oxygen, they are just dust.
Our nose is used to the Oxygen which we inhale on a regular basis, but in it’s absence, a sudden pressure would create which would make your inner ears burst, leaving you in severe pain.

Now, some of you smart species may say that at the moment of “Oxygen absence”, you are driving a car and somehow survived the bursting of ears. Also, you aren’t inside any concrete structure, so you may say that surviving without Oxygen for 5 seconds is not a big deal for you, so you celebrate that you just cheated mass extinction.
But…..but……but……my dear friend, didn’t I tell you about the necessity of Oxygen for a concrete structure?
You are on ROAD.
Road is on?
(Source: Google)
Yo, Road is on this blue green rock.
And the crust of our Earth comprises of Oxygen (40%).
So, without Oxygen, be ready for a free fall as the ground beneath you would turn into dust.

Now, some of you oversmart specie may say that you survived the bursting of ears and you are in a airplane which is in the sky, so you just missed (or saved yourself) from the horror happening on ground. And now, you are celebrating your luck.
But wait! Without Oxygen every vehicle running on fire or heat would stop functioning instantly as Oxygen is required for the combustion process.
So, your plane would just fall from it’s place, on to the ground, which is now a graveyard.

Some of the miscellaneous stuff which would take place, but you won’t feel because the DEAD DON’T HAVE FEELINGS:
  • Sky would be dark as there won’t be much air particles there for the Sun’s light particle to bounce on.
  • The Ocean bodies would evaporate into the space as there would be just hydrogen left. It’s lightness would make it evaporate to Troposphere, and eject into the space.

So, in whichever God you believe in, shift your focus to the new God i.e. Oxygen. Welcome to Oxygenism!
Thanos collects all the infinity gems for years and fights with various superheroes in order to extinct half of the Universe and shouts, “WORSHIP ME!”.


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