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Friday, April 5, 2019

Which is the next big company to fall (judgements)

Yes, the same company which produces these beautiful portable cameras.
GoPro's Market Valuation on January 2015, just 3 years ago was whopping $10 billion.
But now in 2018, its market valuation is only $875 million.
That’s approximately 91% market loss within 3 years which is actually a huge loss.
This is how the stock chart of GoPro looks:
The stock price has been declining since then. They have not been able to grow their sales rate as well.
The only thing they sell is cameras. They had failed to diversify their company since the beginning. All of these are only a sign of one thing i.e failure.
Similar thing has already happened with Myspace and Nokia. GoPro is next on the list to fall.

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