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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Why is Apple important as a company

They are the company that changed the world three times.
Most companies don’t even make it past one.
This is the graphical user interface developed by Xerox PARC back in the late 70s. The world’s first computer with a GUI, except it sucked. It failed.
Steve Jobs then ripped that off and made this,
which really threw the potential of this technology into the spotlight, which led to Microsoft ripping it off, and every electronic device today uses a GUI.

In the 2000s, the music industry was plagued with piracy. The music streaming services were horrible. The people were forced into piracy because companies dealt with this problem horribly.
Steve Jobs jumped into the spotlight, introduced this,
which paired with this, one of the world’s first and most innovative music players that didn’t rely on a brick casette player and tape and could play 1000 songs from your pocket:
As a result, the music industry went healthily back on track, its success eventually branching off into the streaming business of Spotify and Apple Music.

In 2007, Steve Jobs looked at the phones that were on the market and he really fucking hated them. All of them. Especially the stylus:
and this physical keyboard design:
To solve this problem, he decided to get Apple into the potentialless “smartphone market,” and created this:
This one device with an all-screen design and groundbreaking thinness pushed the smartphone market from having nearly 0 potential because of the aforementioned problems to becoming one of the most valuable consumer product markets on the planet.
It is the sole reason Android thrives, and the sole reason a smartphone is in nearly everyone’s hands, thus achieving Steve’s original dream of putting a “computer” (which a smartphone is) in everyone’s hands.

Apple is the company that’s more directly influential to your life right now than Picasso.
That is why they’re important.

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