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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Facebook, Google, Apple. Who innovates better?

Google is the most innovative, followed by Apple, followed by Facebook.
Facebook has the most amazing network-effect business, which has been essentially the same for a decade. I mean Workplace is just more of the same. They don’t need to innovate, rather keep optimising the most amazing single website business in the world.
Apple used to be the most innovative company of the three, but no longer is, possibly since Jobs’ death. The only major innovation that has come out of them in the last 5 years has been the Apple Watch, which was a pretty obvious next step from the iPhone. Making the iPhone or iPad bigger or getting rid of the headphone jack isn’t exactly innovation. I mean this is the company that came out with the Mac (copied by Microsoft to make Windows), iTunes and iPod (no-one copied successfully), iPhone (copied by Google and Samsung), iPad (copied by Google and Samsung), and the App Store (copied by Google). Bloody hell!
Now on to Google. There is Chromebook which now outsells MacBooks, made Android as good as iOS, made Google Docs better than MS Office, tried Google Glass (at least they tried!), Chromecast, Streetview (ok, 10 years since it started but it’s still way ahead of the rest), leading the push for driverless cars. And this is what they’re working on now…
Constantly trying new things, aka innovation…

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