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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Accidentally famous person ever

This guy just wanted to visit his friend in Georgia, but ended up[1]:
  1. Getting wine on arrival in the airport
  2. Getting a private driver picking him up from the airport
  3. Dining with the Prime Minister of Georgia
  4. Having the police holding back all the traffic
  5. Seeing himself on a billboard in the middle of the capital of Georgia
  6. Staying in a luxury hotel
  7. Being a part of a marketing video about Georgia
  8. Participate in the Georgian version of Dancing With the Stars
  9. Finally moving to Georgia being famous!
Meet Jesper Black![2]
Jesper was going to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, to visit a friend he met some time ago. On arrival, he was met by a well dressed private driver (which he thought maybe his friend had arranged), so he went into the car. The driver didn’t speak a word of English. After some time, he was handed a piece of paper saying: ‘Dear Jesper, You are a very special guest for us. Prepare for surprises.’
After driving for some time, he notices all the police driving around holding the traffic back for him. And suddenly seeing himself on a billboard, saying ‘he has arrived!’
Meeting the Prime Minister of Georgia!
He was tourist no. 6 million, and Georgia decided to surprise him with a special VIP treatment!
The video went viral, and he became so famous that he decided to settle down. Sadly, he says that whenever he leaves Georgia, nobody really recognises him anymore.

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