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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Apple's major competitor

How about Banana?
The phone could be called Yellow. Yellow 7. Yellow 8.
They could have their own iPad-like device, they could call it the Peel.
Maybe tech support could be called Slide Support?
If you called you'd hear a monkey on the other line:
You: hello, I have found fruit flies in my device.
Support: uf-----uf--------uf-------uf--
You: Excuse me?
Support: ufufufufufufufufufufufufufufu
You: let me speak with a manager!
Support: <monkey starts screaming and slamming phone>
And then the monkey stopped screaming and, in a deep eloquent voice, said,
“Ojas. Bananas aren't a vegetable. They are fruits.”

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