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Saturday, June 15, 2019

No such thing as Failure

What is failure?
There’s NO such thing as failure, just experience!
Tell me, how do you get to the goal in this maze?
The ONLY way to get to the goal is by bumping into the walls!
Is bumping into the wall a failure or simply a lesson?
Do you know who introduced this “failure” judgment into our brains?
The Industrial Age educational system!
In fact, I lived this firsthand… I was a terrible student, tortured by the brutal standardized test system.
All throughout my childhood, my report cards said I was a “failure.” I grew up broken and feeling worthless…
Well, to my surprise, that’s academics… NOT how the real world works!
In the real world, the most successful people have failed multiple times.
In the real world, if you try to avoid failure, you’re not really living life at all.
Let me tell you a real world secret:
Do you know what is YOUR greatest enemy to success?
Fear of failure!
In fact, today fear of failure has millions of people STUCK and struggling to find fulfillment in life eternally paralyzed by this broken Industrial Age mindset.
So my friend, get over it… the ONLY way you will ever achieve big goals in life is by trying, again, and again, and again, and again, and again… until success happens. #NeverGiveUp

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