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Thursday, June 27, 2019

What features did the first iPhone introduce?

One of the most overlooked features that Steve Jobs brought to the table to change the world in 2007 was scrolling.
I seriously dare you to find one phone that doesn’t scroll like this today.
When the first iPhone launched, it packed more magic in one event than any other product launch of the past five years combined.
Many of the features that we take for granted today were extremely fascinating to the audience in that theater in 2007, who took it up like the first people who got to watch a motion picture. Chief among them was the scrolling that simulated the laws of physics.
Before 2007, you had phones like these. You didn’t scroll, you had to click up and down to navigate the menu. You had to click that 1000 times to traverse a 1000-people-long contact list.
Steve Jobs changed all of this by allowing the user to simply touch the screen and lightly drag and launch it with one finger, scrolling through hundreds of contacts with ease. Momentum, friction, Steve made finding your mother’s phone number feel like a real physical activity.
This was so much of a foreign concept, that the audience gasped and applauded when that contact list on the iPhone launched through hundreds of names that would’ve taken hours to navigate.
Nowadays, we scroll through everything without a second thought, but for the people living in 2007, doing such a thing was like a miracle

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