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Friday, September 13, 2019

Why's there no competition for Facebook

Why are we not seeing any competitor for Facebook's social media network?
Image source: telegram.co.uk
Because founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has a lot of $$$
He is a smart businessman.
There are two ways to expand your business and make it at the top continuously.
  1. Either work hard on your own business and make it big.
  2. Or, destroy or acquire others business to make your company supreme.
Mark Zuckerberg has done both. He is a combo of hard working and smart guy.
He founded Facebook at the time when there was no good social networking sites available (Orkut had no special or great features as compared to Facebook) and slowly it made a huge impact on world.
Slowly, other social networking platform and websites were launched and gave a tough competition to Facebook.
At that time, one would try to make more money. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg continued working for Facebook but also, he started acquiring all his competitors websites, application and platforms one after another.
He acquired Whatsapp as people were switching to it from Facebook for messages.
He acquired Instagram as people were switching for photos.
Similarly, Facebook has acquired 76 other companies which were trying to give competition to Mark Zuckerberg's supremacy or were going to make a big profit in future.
Mark Zuckerberg's wealth kept on increasing and as there's a saying “Money makes Money”.
Mark Zuckerberg is following the same path and in the social media platforms, only a guy who is as wealthy or similar, can give a tough competition to Facebook in future otherwise he'll keep on buying things around him and increase the monopoly of Facebook

Mark is a role model and an ideal businessman. This post is not promoting any kind of fake information or hate towards any person. This is just for entertainment.

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