Sunday, October 27, 2019

Is the YouTube star, Mr Beast a millionaire

Mr. Beast makes so much money on his YouTube videos, that he simply flips it into his next video.
I don’t know what his exact ad rate is, but it’s probably around $8-$9 per 1000 monetized views (at least). So when he gets 20 million views on one of his videos, he’s making in excess of $150,000 on that one video alone. Multiply that by the number of videos he has, and you can easily see where he gets his money from.
He did an interview with Casey Neistat on the latter’s YouTube channel. In it, he described how he doesn’t bank much of his earnings - he likes to take it, save a little, and put the rest into another video. It’s easy to see how he can put $100,000 into a new video, considering he should instantly get it all back plus more when the video reaches its expected number of views.
Remember, Mr. Beast did not start with videos that gave away money. He only did so once he started making some money. That’s where he gets it all.

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