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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Reel and Real John Wick

This man Keanu Reeves. He is a great actor and also been praised by New York times for his versatility and discipline. He is truly an inspiration. Now coming to the question. Keanu always travels in public transport and metro. People always find Keanu eating alone and enjoying his own company. Lots of people questioned Keanu for this. Infact he made a social media havoc filled with his memes. Keanu was seen sitting alone on bench and eating food. This triggered social media. People from all over the world posted memes on his picture. He became a internet meme sensation. Caption were like this.
  • Poor Keanu reeves.
  • Sad Keanu.
  • Cheer up Keanu.
The unknown fact is an unofficial holiday was declared on June 15 as cheer up Keanu day. This was created by Facebook fan page.
The below was the picture.
He has been always seen eating, travelling doing all things alone. This media was intrigued to know the reason. His reason and reaction was deeply inspired.

But this has a backstory. Keanu had a girlfriend named Jennifer syme. They met in 1998 and they were partners. After few months they were about to have a baby. They also named the baby as Ava Archer Syme Reeves. They were happy but this not so long. The baby was stillborn. This disheartened Keanu and Jennifer. They both got separated and Jennifer suffered with depression and died in an accident. During this Keanu was super busy with Matrix shooting back to back scenes. Since then Keanu has been seen alone and lonely.
Basically he is real and reel John Wick.

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