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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Walt Disney, The tycoon

How to be profitable?
Just ask Disney
Walt Disney was a courageous man
In 1918, a young 16-year-old, called Walt Disney, joined the red cross as an ambulance driver. He was too young but faked his age changing it from 1901 to 1900.
In his time as an ambulance driver, he saw it as an adventure rather than a war. He was very optimistic and said
“He was having a good time”
The ambulance that Walt Disney drove was covered in sketches, drawings, and even cartoons.
Later on in his life, Walt Disney used the skills he had learned in the red cross but he was missing one thing. Creativity.
In the 1920s, Walt Disney was fired from the Missouri newspaper because he “lacked imagination”
Once fired, everything went downhill for Walt. He became poor, he lost all his character rights, and he had lost some motivation. However… he was still optimistic.
He boarded a train from Manhattan to Hollywood, and whilst on the train, an idea popped into his head
It was the idea of Mickey Mouse.
There was no effort required. No hard work and no struggle. On a simple train journey, Walt’s most successful character was born out of thin air.
After Mickey Mouse was shown to audiences and was proven to be a success, Walt Disney founded Walt Disney Productions.
And the rest is history…
The story tells us that creativity, innovation and disruption are what the most profitable businesses are based on. It is someone’s ability to think of solutions that are “outside of the box” and are logical that make a profit

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