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Saturday, November 23, 2019

How do companies deliver finished commercial jets

Delivery is the final stage of the complex process in which a commercial aircraft is produced. Large manufacturers usually have one or more delivery centers dedicated to this step.
The Delivery centre is really like a mini airport with all the facilities like check in counters, a departure hall, x-ray machines and immigration officials. But that's not all. There are also aircraft storage and maintenance facilities, hospitality and so on.
When an aircraft is ready to be delivered, the customer is invited for the delivery process. This happens over a few days during which the customer and manufacturer jointly inspect the aircraft and make sure it conforms to all the contracted specifications. There are ground and flight tests as well. Finally, the ferry crew takes charge of the aircraft and flies it back to its new home base. The ferry flight is usually performed by the customer, but occasionally could be handled as a service by the manufacturer

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