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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Interstallar- Attention to details

Cooper and Brand have traveled millions upon millions of miles and have reached the first planet that may have potential for life.
Only, the planet is edged close to a black hole, meaning time is dilated.
Every hour spent on the planet, one of the characters explains, equates to 7 years on Earth.
Every hour is 7 years that Cooper’s children grow older, while he doesn’t. Every hour is 7 years closer to more crops dying out on Earth and the planet becoming uninhabitable. Every hour is 7 years.
Once they land, it quickly becomes apparent the planet is a hellscape. What looked like mountains in the distance turned out to be unimaginably colossal waves.
And they are caught up in these waves, losing years.
Throughout the scene, the score included a subtle ticking, which obviously has symbolic significance.
But here’s where it gets interesting.
Someone on Reddit decided to do a lot of calculations:
Which of course is loosely backed up when they arrive back at their station and have been gone for 23 Earth years but only a few hours for them

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