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Saturday, November 16, 2019

What buildings have secret pathways?

Today, the Empire State Building is nothing special, another giant amongst giants.
But when it first went up in 1931, it was seen as a monster.
It was an engineering marvel and a cultural symbol of New York City.
Unfortunately, it also became a poetic place to end one’s life. Since its construction, 30 people have committed suicide by jumping off of the building, and countless more have made attempts to jump off.
With continuing iterations, steps have been taken to make this more difficult: reinforced windows, barring of certain openings, shutting down of certain areas of the building.
They built the first preventive fence on the observation deck. Then they had to reinforce it and raise it, making it even more difficult by curling the fence inwards and making hooks that would snag clothing as you attempted to get over it.
Above the observation deck, there are the remaining floors and tenants. Those windows are all completely fastened and tight.
But there is a hidden floor above that.
Only certain people can go up here and it is almost always with supervision. It is typically politicians, celebrities, and important business people who are taken up during private tours.
But again—at every stage of this process—they are doing everything they can to stop people from jumping

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