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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Who's wealthier- Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is worth 9.2 billion dollars according to Forbes'. Tony Stark: Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man, narrowly edges out Wayne in the battle of billionaire playboys. His net worth is believed to be somewhere around $12.4 billion.
I think the reason why most people think Tony Stark is richer than Wayne, is because Stark is a lot flashier.
They’re both billionaire playboys, and play the part well. But the difference is Stark carries that over to his super-hero persona- Bruce Wayne doesn’t. To Wayne, it seems to be more of a tool, or a means to an end- an act.
Thus, because Stark is more committed to the billionaire playboy role, you see it in his buildings, his cars, etc…
Bruce Wayne is more of a “low-key” flashy billionaire playboy- restricted mainly to functions/events and required photo-ops. A necessity to show the public that he’s still around.
I wonder who would win this fight?

Look at it this way- Batman had to finance ( or the majority of…) the construction and launching of the Watch Tower (with all the weapons, equipment, running of staff, teleporters, food [i.e. Flash’s crazy diet], etc…). Then there’s the Teen Titans base on earth, with Robin as its leader. There’s no doubt Batman had a hand in financing and equipping that place too. Then there’s all the Javelin shuttles and the Watch Tower Annexes. He has to finance his mansion, all his companies, and most expensively, the Batcave- with all its defenses, weaponry, vehicles/planes, R&D equipment, and so on. That stuff ain’t cheap (Batman commented on not wanting to think about the cost). And to top it all off, Batman doesn’t count himself as a full-time member of the Justice League. And that’s not to mention all the R&D in developing contingency plan for most members of the league (i.e in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight, when Batman had the upper-hand against a weakened Superman, he did mention that the synthesized gaseous form of the kryptonite that “mortalized” Superman did cost Bruce a fortune to develop, not to mention time as well).
In contrast, Tony has the Avenger tower, and hundreds of suits, his house and foreign cars (OK, and weapons too…)- but nowhere near the level of what Batman is paying for. To put it bluntly, with or without Tony Stark, there might still be the Avengers (because they still can assemble at SHIELD if need be).
Without Batman however, there won’t be a Justice League- whether the membership is the original 7, or the 100+ members it has expanded to. Can’t go to Superman’s house (or his parent’s barn), Wonder Woman’s Island (No Men Allowed Policy), Martian Manhunter (Mars is Dead), Aquaman’s Kingdom (doesn’t like to share or play nice), Hawk Girl (either an outcast or a secret agent for Phanagarian army, so no place to really call home), Green Lantern (the planet is a bit of a long trip, not to mention a drain on his ring to transport everyone), or Flash (really?1?). Even without the WatchTower(s), they could all still fit in the Batcave if absolutely necessary. There’s no other place to go/convene other than that

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