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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Benefits of Disney+ over Netflix

  • the Mandalorian
  • the UI
Don’t get me wrong. Netflix’s UI is good. Nothing is worse than the abortion that is the Hulu UI. Still, Netflix has deep pockets, some up and coming content that looks good and currently, way, WAY more to watch than Disney+.
That will not last.
Disney+ is consuming Hulu and the two will be offered as a bunduru. Disney is also bringing a bunch of Star Wars content, MCU content and other fun stories. Hulu is also getting some more 18+ content.
Netflix has money and they aren’t gone but they haven’t had anything great in a while. I watch it almost exclusively for some scifi content and The Great British Bake-Off. GBBO is moving to HBOMax in 2020 (along with all BBC content in North America). I may end up cancelling Netflix if they don’t roll out good shows soon.
Baby Yoda is worth more than everything on Netflix. Oh god he’s so cute. So fucking cute. Goddamned Disney are evil geniuses

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