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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Google Home max cheapest at Walmart with free Google home mini

Cyber Monday is over, but good deals keep popping up online. You can now get the Google Home Max and Home Mini smart speakers together for $188 at https://www.walmart.com/. If you buy them separately, the Home Max is currently $199 (originally $399, but seen for as low as $249 during Black Friday) and the Mini is $19 (originally $49, usually around $30). 

That means the bundle saves you $30 off the sale prices and $260 off the original prices, which is more than half off 
To get in on this deal, you’ll have to scroll down to the section on Walmart’s page that says “Buy Together & Save.“ The Home Max is available in charcoal and chalk colors, but the Mini is only available in chalk. We don’t know how long this deal is going to last, so check it out quickly if you’re interested.
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The Home Max is the largest of Google’s line of smart speakers, and the Home Mini is the smallest. The two speakers are very similar, but the Max is louder and more powerful. And since you can group them via the Google Home app, together, they make a solid smart speaker system for playing music in your home.

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