Monday, February 24, 2020

Vivo Apex 2020 to be announced this Friday

Vivo’s plan to unveil its third Apex concept phone were derailed by the cancellation of Mobile World Congress, but it looks like we’ll find out about it this week anyway. The company says it’s going to announce the Apex 2020 on Friday 

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The render shows a phone screen with dramatically curved edges and the number “120” running from top to bottom. This could be a reference to the curvature of the glass; Vivo’s impressive Nex 3 flagship from last year had a “waterfall display” with 88-degree curved edges. Or it could refer to the refresh rate, though that wouldn’t exactly be groundbreaking. Or hey, maybe it’s both.
The previous Apex phones never saw release themselves, but the line does provide some indication of where Vivo sees design going in the near future.

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