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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Instagram trying on self destructing messages

Facebook appears to be going all-in on the whole ephemeral messaging shindig. Recently, we reported that the company is apparently working on bringing self-destructing texts to WhatsApp, and Messenger has had the ability for a few years. Now it seems the company is preparing to bring the feature to Instagram as well.
Developer Jane Manchun Wong, who often discovers upcoming features through reverse engineering, noticed the feature hiding in the app’s code.
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Though the feature is currently in barebones form, it appears you are able to enter an ephemeral mode from your Direct Messages. As soon as you leave the window, the messages disappear. That seems a bit too hasty of a deletion – what if you want to check something in another app? 
Facebook has focused on making messaging more private over the last few years, with Mark Zuckerberg going so far as to promise messaging across the company’s various platforms would one day all be end-to-end encrypted. That hasn’t happened quite yet — only WhatsApp has that level of encryption — but in the meantime, deleting messages altogether seems like a good way of keeping your information private.

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