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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Super Mario and LEGO adventures begin!

Nintendo and Lego are teaming up to reveal Super Mario-themed sets that combine the traditional building blocks with digital technology, creating a new type of interactive playset somewhere between regular Lego and the iconic video games.
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While themed sets are extremely common at Lego — Star WarsHarry Potter, Marvel, DC, FriendsGhostbustersBack to the Future, and more have products — the new Super Mario sets take things a step further by trying to replicate the platforming video games in physical form.
Described as “neither a video game nor a traditional Lego brick-based set,” the new Mario line will let kids (or child-at-heart adults) build Mario courses out of Lego, including adorable Lego Goombas, Piranha Plants, and Koopas. They can then play through them using a special Lego Mario minifig that features LED displays and what appears to be NFC-style technology to interact with special bricks to collect coins and progress through the level.

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