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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Android 11 will go into public beta on June 11 (Livestream)

Google will announce the first public beta for Android 11 in a live stream at 11AM ET on June 3rd, according to a promotional video spotted by Android Police. The search giant typically debuts Android’s latest public beta in May each year, but the difference in 2020 is that its developer conference, Google I/O, had to be canceled because of the pandemic.
Google releases final Android 11 developer preview before public ...

Google is promising that the live stream will have “news, updates, and announcements” on “connectivity, controls, safety, security, productivity, accessibility” and more. From the early developer previews, it appears as though Google is working on improving app permissions in its new version of Android as well as finally adding a screen recording feature.
In addition to its announcements, Google’s live stream will also include a Q&A segment with Android VP Dave Burke and senior director of product management Stephanie Cuthbertson, according to Android Police.

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