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Friday, May 29, 2020

Donald Trump ends relationship with World Health Organization

Trump had previously frozen funding to the WHO, claiming that the organization bowed to pressure from China and was overly trusting on their early information about the spread of the COVID-19. He also took issue with the WHO’s criticism of travel bans.
Trump blames WHO for getting coronavirus pandemic wrong, threatens ...

Still, severing ties with the organization is a drastic step. Some Experts say that if the US severs ties with the WHO, there could be catastrophic consequences to global public health. The US contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to its efforts.
The action could also impair the global response to COVID-19. The WHO is the central coordinating body for global public health emergencies. It’s currently organizing an international clinical trial investigating drugs that could treat COVID-19, and was pivotal in spurring early response to the disease, declaring a global public health emergency in January. The organization also supports the pandemic response in under-resourced countries.

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