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Friday, May 1, 2020

Walmart offers express deliveries for many products

Walmart is coming up with a new delivery service, called Express Delivery, that will get purchased items to a customers’ home in less than two hours, the company announced on Thursday. The new service could be helpful if you need to get items in a hurry

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You’ll be able to use Express Delivery for more 160k items, including “groceries, essentials, toys and electronics,” Walmart says. Express Delivery will cost $10 in addition to the regular charge for delivery unless you’re a member of the company’s Delivery Unlimited subscription service, in which case you’ll just pay $10 for Express Delivery. (Similar to Amazon Prime, Delivery Unlimited costs $98 annually or $12.95 per month.)

Walmart’s Express Delivery option could help the retailer compete with rival Amazon, which has offered two-hour delivery for Amazon Prime members for years through its Amazon Prime Now service. Prime Now launched in 2014 and is available in select markets in the US.

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