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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Everything about the new BMW ix3

German automaker BMW has just announced that it’s ready to put its all-electric X3 into production, marking a significant move in the transition to battery powered vehicles.
While the company already has its BMWi range of electric vehicles, the BMW iX3 will be the first vehicle from its core lineup to go all-electric and move away from combustion engines as the mainstream choice.
Novel “Aerodynamic Wheels” for the purely electric BMW iX3 ...

In an announcement published earlier today, BMW said that it will produce the iX3 in China ready for its first deliveries by the end of the year.
Unlike combustion engine vehicles, which use different engines depending on where in the world they are sold, the iX3 will use a standardized electric drivetrain for the global market.
The BMW iX3 has been anticipated and talked about since 2018 when it was unveiled as a concept car of the same name.
Since then, the Bavarian motor company has made a few claims about the vehicle’s drivetrain, specifically that it will have around 273 miles (440 km) of range, a 74 kWh battery, with a rear axle mounted motor delivering 282 horsepower.
The battery will be stored under the floor, which should mean that the electric X3 is a little more spacious than the combustion engine variant.
In the same vein as the Volkswagen e-Golf, the user experience of the BMW iX3 will remain mostly the same as current versions the only difference being electric motors instead of an engine. All in all, it should feel like a very recognizable vehicle which might provide an element of familiarity and comfort to those nervous about making the switch to EVs.

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