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Monday, July 6, 2020

YouTube rolling out AI generated replies for creators

Google is making it easier for YouTube creators to engage with their audience and quickly reply to comments under their videos.
The company is rolling out Smart Reply — an AI-powered feature designed to help users generate appropriate replies without actually typing — to YouTube Studio.
Unlike Smart Reply for Gmail, YouTube’s integration supports multiple languages. For the time being, Smart Reply for creators only works in English and Spanish, but it seems Google plans to add more options in the future.
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In a blog post, Google researchers explained they had to come up with a whole new language-processing model to accommodate for the common usage of emoji on YouTube. As a result, the feature will also suggest replies containing emoji.
In comparison to emails, which tend to be long and dominated by formal language, YouTube comments reveal complex patterns of language switching, abbreviated words, slang, inconsistent usage of punctuation, and heavy utilization of emoji,” the blog post says.
The researchers add that Smart Reply has been fine-tuned to only work for comments Google thinks creators are likely to engage with. That might also explain why 9to5Google reports the feature only seems to work for some comments.

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