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Sunday, December 6, 2020

TubeBuddy vs VidIQ? What should you go for?

 One of the most popular platforms that people resort to for fame and income today has to be YouTube. The social media platform has grown into a giant in the field of online networking. It is one of the topmost online video viewing platforms. No wonder, top artists, professional businesses, students as well as homemakers are resorting to the platform for success and the thing that really matters in getting fame is the number of YouTube views and subscribers they have on their videos and channel. In this scenario, it becomes important to stand out and make a mark through good marketing. But how do we understand which tool is best for YouTube marketing?


Two of the top tools people tend to use for YouTube marketing are TubeBuddy and VidIQ. Not just individuals and aspiring influencers, even the biggest production houses, theatre groups and art enthusiasts use these tools for better brand building. After all, there is no better way to boost your channel and hence income than these two best tools for YouTube marketing.

But even with these two choices, people find it difficult to ascertain which is better for marketing. If you are looking to make a successful online presence, a comparative understanding of the most suitable tool for your business is a must. After all, the efficiency of the tool differs from business to business.

Let’s take a look at which tool is best for YouTube marketing, TubeBuddy or VidIQ:

TubeBuddy happens to be one of the most popular plugins in use by creators on YouTube. The reason behind its handsome popularity is, certainly, its versatility when it comes to helping your YouTube channel grow. TubeBuddy helps in enhancing your Youtube SEO along with extensive research and data at your doorstep. Besides, with TubeBuddy, one can take care of bulk video processing along with various tools for increasing productivity.

The first and foremost feature of TubeBuddy which has people running after it is its successful SEO integration. Add to that the simplicity of adding it as a Chrome extension, and its preference becoamrketinmes understood. There are multiple features of TubeBuddy that take care of this; we have listed two of them for you below:

Anybody who has worked in the field of SEO will know how crucial keywords and tags are to make your content search-engine optimized. TubeBuddy helps ease the need for searching for the best tags for your video. Using this tool, you can optimize your video content on YouTube with the best tags for better marketing.

Once you open the tag explorer, you can see multiple options before you for selection. Keyword difficulty, competition and search volume are a few of them. Using these options and optimizing them based on your video, you can come up with the best and most suitable tags for yourself.

The Suggested Tags feature of TubeBuddy is an excellent tool for someone who has just started making YouTube videos search-engine optimized. The feature provides you with an array of the best tags you can use with your video. These tags are based on your content, your niche as well as the kind of tags used by your competitors. It is almost like the feature saves you from working for long durations to find the best and most profitable tags for your content

VidIQ is the go-to tool for YouTube marketing which is best for individuals and small businesses. Especially if you have just started on YouTube to make and publish content, VidIQ is the perfect choice for you. We say this because VidIQ allows you to gauge what other features are required to give your YouTube video the right audience and the largest pool. It provides you with tools much beyond merely keywords and basic SEO tips which are not adequate considering the volume of content on YouTube today.

VidIQ comes with both a free and a pro version. The pro version comes loaded with many more useful features and tools to help your channel grow faster. Yet, it is your choice to try the basic version for some time. Then, if you are satisfied with their YouTube marketing features, you can upgrade to the premium version. 

Everyone who is into YouTube and is looking for the right marketing tools must already be aware of the essence of YouTube tags. With the VidIQ video editor feature, you can use as many tags as the limit allows you to go up to. VidIQ assists you completely in this. All you need to do is install the free Chrome extension of VidIQ followed by simple processes of setup and you are good to go.

VidIQ provides several tag suggestions for you to pick from. You can choose up to 50 tags for your video and these are unique yet effective tags which you would have taken a long time to brainstorm on. You only have to spend time researching on videos like yours which you would like to take inspiration from as far as the marketing and tags are concerned. 

You can choose when and how to run your VidIQ campaign. You can even choose to stop a marketing campaign, which will remove all tags and text links from your content. This is a great feature as far as flexibility is concerned. It is also useful if you wish to divert attention from well-established content and move to a new video you have posted.

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