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Saturday, January 9, 2021

General Motors unveils new logo for electrification

 General Motors debuted a new logo meant to convey the automaker’s renewed commitment to the production and sale of electric vehicles. The company is also launching a new marketing campaign to underscore that commitment, as it seeks to compete with Tesla and other automakers that are rushing new EVs to market.

It’s been about a decade since GM has last tweaked its logo, but this update represents the starkest change in the company’s 113-year history. The most obvious change is the use of a lowercase “gm” in the logo, after previously only using capital letters. The underline has been shortened to just the “m,” in a nod to the company’s recently announced Ultium electric vehicle battery and platform.

The blue square has been rounded at the corners, giving the logo more of a smartphone app appearance. The blue is used as an outline rather than to fill the entire square, and the negative space in the “m” is meant to evoke the shape of an electrical plug.

General Motors

“This is only the fifth logo change in 113 years,” said Deborah Wahl, chief marketing officer of GM, in a briefing with reporters Friday. “And probably the most progressive thing that we’ve done since 1964.”

A new marketing campaign will punctuate GM’s shift to electric vehicles. Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell has been tapped as a spokesperson for the automaker.

As an umbrella company for a family of auto brands, GM’s logo isn’t as recognizable as some of its rivals like Ford or Tesla. For example, the new logo won’t appear on any of its new EVs, from the Cadillac Lyriq to the GMC Hummer EV. As such, the new marketing campaign is intended to push the message of the company’s overall commitment to electrification rather than sell any one vehicle.

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